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The 1980's Disco Roadshow

80s retro disco

An authentic 1980s Theme Disco Roadshow complete with a DJ in period dress playing all the hits and cheesy sounds of arguably the best decade for popular music.

Our authentic looking 1980s Disco Roadshow is available to hire for themed events, weddings and parties throughout the UK and is not only a fantastic homage to the glory days of disco, pop and electronica but is guaranteed to give you an amazing party. 

80s disco theme night

For many people the late 70s and 80s represent simply the best musical years ever! Our 1980's Disco Roadshow allows you to recapture these glory years as we transport you back to the 80's and present an authentic disco complete with fancy dress DJ if required. Our retro show DJ's are incredibly experienced and talented, professional DJs and presenters that have experience of working within retro-themed venues. We can present specialist soul and disco themed events capturing the very essence of nightclubs from the period. Alternatively, we can concentrate on the wonderful pop music of the time and deliver hit after hit after hit.

Our standard retro show includes large light screens, an overhead lighting rig with authentic effects and includes at least one mirror ball and other retro equipment from them era's.

For more details on our 1980's themed DJ's and Discos contact us.

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